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10 Ways to Get Better at Fitness

Strength! Stamina! Cardio! Endurance! Perfect body composition! There are so many fitness goals people strive to achieve, but the health and sports world is full of misconceptions and myths. Are you looking for a universal training plan? Ready to forget about your favorite dessert to get in better shape? Such sacrifice may not be needed. Still, the question is: how can an individual improve his/her fitness skills, stay healthy and look nice?

The ideas of the overwhelming majority of trainers, nutritionists and doctors coincide at the point that a perfect fitness program presupposes physical exercise, a balanced diet, healthy sleep, rest, etc. But, how is it possible to follow all the rules and requirements without cheating? Check out the list of practical recommendations that will help you become better at fitness and never lose your passion.

Simple Steps to Be Persistent in Sports

Irrespective of your personal fitness goals, it is inevitable to be interested in what you are doing. Here are some important tips that will help you not only to start but also be always excited about fitness.

Find Motivation


Similar to any other startup, you need to realize what your basic motivation is. Why do you need your body to be in good shape? What do you want to prove to yourself or your friends? How will it help you? You can achieve the necessary results only if you visualize the end-point, which will keep pushing you out of the house to work out.

Set One or Several Goals


A goal is inevitable. Provide yourself with one or several targets you strive to work for. It will help you to keep track of your achievements and celebrate each one of them. Besides, your fails will become more noticeable, giving extra motivation to be persistent. Moreover, a correctly set goal will help you to choose the right training program.

Healthy Diet Is the Key


You may spend the whole day in a gym and achieve no results if your diet is not healthy and balanced. The organism should get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals for muscle growth and stamina improvement. Remember the saying “ABS is made in the kitchen” every time you want to eat junk food. Provide your body with unprocessed, nutritious foods that will be the perfect fuel for quality workouts.

Choose Your Personal Training Speed


Have you ever seen a one-week training plan for a perfect body? Forget about such advertisements and get ready for a great distance. Start with simple exercises that correspond to your level and increase training loads as you get fitter. Keep adjusting and re-assessing your workout difficulty, as this is the way to a non-stop progress. No matter if you are training endurance or strength, this rule is always relevant.

Contact professional nutritionists of KD Personal Training and get more information about possible ways to improve your health and get fitter.

Write Down Your Achievements and Fails


Do you remember your motivation and goal? By following this tip, you will learn what is most effective for you and what brings zero results. It is up to you to write down daily, weekly or monthly reports, but that’s the only way to have an insight into what has been done.

Do not Overtire


Sports require permanence. You cannot achieve impressive results if you work out once a month, or when you are not too tired after work. Waking up in the morning for a run or going to a gym after work may be too complicated, but the final result is frequently worth the effort. Choose your individual speed of training that is comfortable for you. It is the only way to be involved in sports for a long time and lose no desire to improve your body.

Variety Is Important


Sport is not only useful but also fun. Choosing different types of training will help you advance your fitness level in a sustainable, well-rounded and effective manner. Work on numerous skills, including flexibility, strength, coordination, and power, so that your training plan could always be new and interesting.

Build Muscle and Endurance


High-intensity interval training is one of the most effective workouts aimed at the enhancement of endurance and stamina. Besides, it is classified as the leading way to burn the maximum amount of calories within a short period. However, following the recommendations of experienced trainers, intensive aerobic exercises should be combined with workouts aimed at building muscle.

Work on Things You Are Bad at


Often, people choose exercises they are good at. But don’t forget about variety, which is necessary for continuous and visible effects. Concentrate on the weak points and celebrate small victories during each training session.

Find Your Perfect Gym


Not motivated enough? Cannot exercise regularly without an instructor? Then a professional instructor and a well-equipped gym are the only solutions. KD Personal Training offers its custom-tailored training programs to every client. Located in Blackheath, London, the center will help you fulfill your ambitions and change your lifestyle at an affordable cost (£65-85 per session).


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