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5 Bad Habits

You Can Break to Help Your Health

Needless to say, each one of us has a plethora of unhealthy habits. Some people like eating junk food, others drink fizzy water, while the rest consume tons of quick snacks and similar products. A great number of our habits sabotage our efforts to be fit and healthy. Is there any hope for people who want to change their lives and improve their quality?

No matter how many unhealthy habits you have and how long you have been practicing them, it’s never too late to give them up and start living a healthy life. Do not expect all the changes to happen in a blink of an eye since persistence and patience are always necessary for great changes. However, going slowly but being certain of what you are doing is the key to success. The main task is to define what habits you need to break to improve your health. Fitness experts and nutritionists of KD Personal Training can help those, who strive to become fitter and healthier. Check out the top 5 bad habits that decrease the quality of life most frequently. Get rid of them and breathe a new life into your routine.

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Not Drinking Enough Water


According to medical research, water accounts for around 60% of the human body, which means we need water. It’s not surprising that drinking water is essential for many body processes. Besides, water benefits the overall health state, as well as the condition of the skin, nails, hair, etc. Apart from the appearance, water interferes with such processes as memory, motivation, and others. How much water do you need to drink daily? Following the results of numerous research types, adult men need approximately 13 cups a day, while 9 cups are enough for women.

Health benefits of drinking enough water include the following:

  • Sharp memory;
  • Stable mood;
  • Intact motivation;
  • Supple skin;
  • Proper functioning of inner organs;
  • Excellent work of joints and muscles;
  • No toxins and others.

Not Getting Enough Sleep


It is a well-known fact that not getting enough sleep is bad for your health, but no one can actually explain this tendency. The results of the research show that little rest can impair your reaction, thinking, decision making, and negatively influence the functioning of the immune system and overall health. Being deprived of sleep may not only increase the chances of depression to happen but also decrease the ability to lose weight.

Are 7-8 hours of sleep enough for perfect body functioning? The instructors of KD Personal Training agree that there is no magic number, but it is inevitable to listen to your body and get enough rest.

Eating Loads of Snacks


The life of a modern person is fast and active, breaks are quick, and the ability to eat a sophisticated lunch is limited. Therefore, the vast majority of people consume lots of unhealthy snacks during the day. Definitely, it is a great way to fight hunger, but that’s also a dangerous route to losing touch with the body’s natural satisfaction and hunger signals. The results are obvious and include overeating and excess weight. Moreover, such products usually contain unhealthy ingredients, which are devastating to the body.

How is it possible to reverse this habit?

  • Choose healthy, natural snacks;
  • Eat regularly;
  • Do not eat just for eating;
  • Listen to your body and understand true body cravings.

Late Eating


There is a common misconception that you should not eat after 6 p.m., and your health will become perfect, as well as your body shape. However, it is not always true. Some researchers agree that long lapses between meals promote better food processing, while others suspect that it can make you starve and eat unhealthily. At this point, balance is inevitable. It is not recommended to eat late at night, but if you choose to have a snack, find a healthy and light product that will not make your body work the whole night.

Here are several reasons why it may be beneficial to reduce late eating:

  • Intermittent fasting helps lose weight;
  • Better sleep;
  • No stomach problems;
  • Feeling fresh in the morning.

Banishing Sweets


Is eating a dessert unhealthy? The vast majority of people will agree that consuming sweet treats is not good for your health. But there are numerous studies that prove that banishing sweets may cause further overeating. Thus, if your body is craving for chocolate, do not set strict limits. A square of dark chocolate will not break your diet, but you will be satisfied and full, instead.

Definitely, it is not the whole list of habits you may change to improve your lifestyle. Contact professional nutritionists of KD Personal Training and get more information about possible ways to improve your health and get fitter. Learn about special diet plans for athletes and those who strive to be healthy.


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